Premarital Counselling

Have you considered taking a Pre-Marriage course

Have you decided to marry or make a long term commitment to each other, congratulations! This is an ideal time to focus on the future and to plan your lives together beyond the wedding day. Committing to a long-term relationship brings with it a range of challenging and exciting considerations. Having a clear sense of yourselves as ‘individuals in a couple unit’ forms the basis of your future life together.

Doing a Pre-Marriage course will assist you in the development of those necessary skills.

The course comprises eight sessions with a counsellor, and is designed to draw out shared values, ideals, expectations and any issues that may need attention or be kept in mind.

Couples are asked to fill out questionnaires to help them think about all aspects of their relationship. A counsellor facilitates a review of the results and a discussion of what emerges for each person in relation to the other.

It is important to prepare for the challenges that inevitably arise when people live together and share their lives.

Testimonies About Us

The sessions are sooooo practical and insightful. Madam Bose Fawehinmi is really down to earth and ever willing to help.

Funmi Michael-agbi, V. Connect

This is a very helpful organisation which does wonderfully in providing guidance and counselling for couples..I have learnt a lot from using their services and it has benefited my family a lot..

Busayo, Business list

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