21 Days Intimacy Challenge

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In my years of counselling, one ingredient which I realise many couples long for is Intimacy. Lack of it leads to poor communication. Poor communication creates more problems in other areas of the relationship.

So, what is intimacy? It is defined as close familiarity or friendship. Because it is psychological in nature, it can be too abstract for some individuals to understand. Since they don’t understand it, they ignore it and that could prove to be very costly!

Couples need to strive for marital intimacy. This is achieved when one can be open and honest in talking with a partner about personal thoughts and feelings not usually expressed in other relationships.

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  • I will give you daily conversation starter.
  • You will engage your spouse in a conversation along the suggested line.
  • Notice how a fresh bond is created between you two!

It is as easy as A-B-C !!!

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  • Have intimate, fun, playful conversation daily with your spouse
  • Talk about your feelings, not just about things
  • Get to know new things about each other
  • Deepen friendship with partner

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  • Commit to have the conversation with your spouse daily
  • Explain the aim of the program to your partner. This is to get maximum cooperation so the conversations are productive
  • Take note of any impact of the challenge on your relationship
  • Also note any changes in your emotional wellbeing
  • Participate in the discussion on the facebook group

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1. My question is what if you and your partner are not staying together for now. How then do you engage him in the dialogue. Because I read between the lines that you need to cuddle kiss while doing it.

A: Nice hearing from you!
Since you are not in the same location with your partner, I advice you have the discussion via video call/chat e.g. WhatsApp video, skype, FaceTime etc whichever works for you.
For long distance relationship, video calls helps to give a sense of togetherness much more than voice calls.
So, distance shouldn’t be a barrier to this

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