About Us

Welcome to Marriage Matters International

Our Vision

To see relationships and marriages become the best they can be

Our Mission

We exist to prepare, support and partner with individuals and couples so they can improve their marital relationships and maximise their potentials

Our Values

Our 3-C Process



We help you understand your current situation and establish the needed change you desire



We deploy our coaching solutions and tools to help identify and implement  strategies to transform your relations and marriage



We support you as you take required steps to transform your relationships and marriage

Why Choose Us?

We utilize a solution-focused coaching model to work with individuals, couples and singles to transform their relationship. In our coaching, we often use cognitive behavioral approach, person-centered approach, and family systems engineering.

Our coaching services framework is client-centered and it’s designed to increases your personal awareness in ways that helps you gain insight into what you are going through, and thus you are able to come up with your own unique solutions to problems.

Through our coaching services, we empower and support you to make necessary changes that are both positive and realistic as you seek to transform your marriage and relationships.

Every information you shared with us in the course of our coaching together is safe

We have both 1-on-1 and face-to-face coaching calls that is tailored towards helping you achieve needed result

Our coaching are tailored made, practical and client centered to help you get the result you most desired in your marriage and relationships 

All our coaches and counselors are experienced professionals. They have both local and international certifications as well as membership of necessary regulatory bodies.