The Costly Mistake

Episode 12

Few weeks before school resumed, Sade went to Ibadan to submit her resignation letter to the principal of the school where she teaches because both she and Femi had planned that they will be relocating to Port Harcourt to start a new life there.

She called her friend Wumi when she got to Ibadan to let her know her plan of relocating to Port Harcourt.

” Hello, dear friend.” Sade said over the phone.

” Hello, Sade. What happened to your phone? I have called your line several times but it wasn’t going through. I came to check on you in your house several times but you were not always around. Where did you go to?” Wumi asked over the phone. She has been so worried about her friends whereabouts because she always tried calling her but all to no avail. She was happy that she was fine.

” Nothing happened to my phone. I have been in Ekiti for the past few weeks now to sort out some things.” Sade answered.

” Ok. So, how have you been and how is everything going?”

” Everything is fine. All glory to God.” Sade answered.

” Alright but what made you go to Ekiti because it is unlike you to go to Ekiti during holidays. What happened?” Wumi asked.

” Nothing much. I only called you to let you know the reason why I went to Ekiti.” Sade said.

” Ok. Tell me about it.” Wumi answered.

” Well, I got married a few weeks ago in Ekiti. As it is now, I am in Ibadan because I came to submit my resignation letter. I am calling to let you know this because I am relocating soon to Port Harcourt.” She said.

Wumi was surprised to hear her say that she got married a few weeks ago. She wondered who she got married to. She made a mental note to know who it could be and she thought it to be Femi.

She wondered what happened that made her get married without informing her.

” Eeh… When? And you didn’t think it wise to tell me about it. What happened? Why the sudden rush? Is there anything you are not telling me?” Wumi asked.

” I am so sorry. It was an impromptu so I could not inform anyone about it.”

” An impromptu? But why the sudden rush? ” Wumi asked again.

” I thought I had already answered your question, please and besides I do not owe an explanation about what is happening in my life. I only called to let you know so that you won’t think I didn’t want to let you know about it. So no questions please.” Sade answered her rudely and she hung up on her.

Wumi was so shocked to hear that. She kept staring at her phone in disbelief. She wondered what had gotten over Sade. She wondered why Sade had an impromptu wedding.

” Maybe she is pregnant but Sade can’t be pregnant? What now happened?” Wumi thought.

She pitied her and she couldn’t do anything because her mind had been totally made up. She decided to let her be but she knew she was going to miss her. She only prayed for her not to realize her mistake too late.

After Sade had done every necessary thing she came to do in Ibadan, she went back to Ekiti and a few days later, both Femi and Sade traveled to Port Harcourt.


Samson’s relationship with Grace was going on well without any problem.

His ministerial assignment has begun gradually.

He still didn’t know the reason why Sade turned down his proposal but he was happy that God gave him a lady in line with his purpose.

A lady who is ready to give out her all for God, a lady who is ready to help his purpose come to reality and above all, God gave him a lady who loves God with the whole of her heart.

To be Continued…
©Gloria Oluwafunmike