The Costly Mistake

Episode 13

They both are enjoying their life as a new couple in Port Harcourt and for the few weeks that Sade has spent with Femi in Port Harcourt, she has not regretted getting married to Femi he always pamper her and he doesn’t allow her to do any stressful work but few weeks to Sade’s delivery date, things changed.

Femi started nagging at any slight mistake that Sade makes.

At first, Sade wasn’t bothered about it as she always think that he is always doing so because of the stress he goes through at work but when it became a normal routine for Femi to always nag, she decided to call his attention to it.

” Darling, I noticed something and I want to call your attention to it.” Sade said after Femi finished eating his dinner that night.

” Ok. What is it?” Femi asked.

” I don’t know what I have done wrong that you didn’t want to forgive me. I noticed that your behavior towards me have changed. You always nag at any slight mistake that I make. You are not the man that I know when I got married. You have stopped been caring. You are no more concerned about my welfare and that of your unborn child. I do not know what I did that is making you do this to me but I promise that I am ready to change if there is anything that I have done wrong.” Sade said soberly.

” Oh… You haven’t done anything wrong. I still love you with the whole of my heart and besides, I didn’t notice that I have been nagging all this while maybe it is because of the stress I go through at work. I am so sorry, please forgive me. I still care about you and our unborn child. Forgive me please…” Femi said pleadingly.

” I thought as much that maybe you were not aware about it that was why I called your attention and yes, you are forgiven and I love you with the whole of my heart. Nothing can separate you from me.” Sade said.

” Oh, wow. That’s my baby. Oya come give me a hug.” Femi said and Sade moved closer to him to give him a hug.

True to Femi’s word, he stopped nagging and few days later, Sade fell into labour and this was the time Femi’s mother came visiting.

She was rushed to the hospital. When they got to the hospital, she was taken to the delivery room.

In the delivery room, Sade was having a prolonged labour.

Both Femi and his Mum were at the reception when the doctor came out of the delivery room. The doctor beckoned on Femi to meet him in his office.

” Mr. Femi, your wife is having a prolonged labour and the only option we have now is to carry out a C-section on your wife to save her life and that of the baby.” The doctor said.

” A C-section? But doctor, can’t you do something to make her deliver by herself?” Femi asked.

” I am sorry Mr. Femi, there is nothing I can do and that is the only option we have now and I think you need to think fast as time is no more on our side.” The doctor said as he excused Femi from his office to go decide quickly.

Immediately Femi came out of the doctor’s office, his mother asked to know what happened.

” Femi, what happened? What did the doctor say?” Femi’s mother asked.

” The doctor said Sade is having a prolonged labour and that the only thing they can do to save her life is to do a C-section.”

” A C-section? God forbid. No one in our family has given birth through C-section before and hers will not be the first. She is going to give birth herself and not waste our money.” Femi’s mother said.

” What we do now?” Femi asked.

” We will have to take her to another hospital.” She answered.

” Another hospital? What if…” Femi was answering her when Sade’s phone rang. It was her Mum.

” Hello, Mummy.” Femi greeted.

” Hello, how are you doing? Where is Sade and how is she?” Sade’s Mum asked at a rush.

” Sade is fine and we are at the hospital. She fell into labour few hours ago and the doctor told me few minutes ago that she is having a prolonged labour and that she will have to undergo a C-section.” Femi explained.

” Have they now started the C-section?” Sade’s Mum asked.

” No, ma.”

” What happened? Why haven’t they started the C-section?” Sade’s Mum asked.

Femi’s Mum who has been hearing their conversation snatched the phone from Femi.

” Hello, Iya Sade. Ehn… we are thinking that we should take her to another hospital to see if she will be able to give birth there. You know that all these doctors have the knowledge of this profession more than themselves.” Femi’s Mum answered.

” You too hear yourself out. Hear what you are saying. You want to take her to another hospital in that condition. What if anything happens on the way to another hospital? Why don’t you heed to the doctor’s advice? What if she is your daughter, will you start planning to take her to another hospital…” Sade’s Mum said calmy.

” Ehn… don’t say that at all. In our own family, no one has ever given birth through C-section. I don’t know that this is what you do in your own family. Had I known I wouldn’t have allowed my son get married to your daughter. I never knew you are money wasters.” Femi’s Mum said fuming.

” Ehn… now I see. See, if any thing happens to my daughter what I will do for you ehn… you will regret getting married from our family. I can’t even blame you, it is Sade I will blame. I warned her not to marry Femi but she didn’t listen. Ok… but I am warning you all nothing, I mean nothing must happen to my daughter.” Sade’s Mum said angrily. She wished she could get to Port Harcourt in few minutes so that she can save her daughter’s life.

After both Mum had finished their argument over the phone, Femi signed for the C-section against her Mum’s wish.

He knew he had to save Sade’s life to avoid trouble for himself.

Sade’s Mum too started preparing to go to Port Harcourt.

As God will have it, the operation was successful and she was delivered of a baby girl.

To be Continued…

What is your own thought too, does giving birth through a C-section means someone is wasting money?
©Gloria Oluwafunmike