Episode 2

Sade was still asleep when her phone rang on the third day of her arrival in Ekiti. She picked her phone to know who was calling but it was a strange number, then she guessed immediately that it was the man that helped her the other day, then she picked it up.

“Hello…” The voice said.

“Hello, good morning. Who is on the line, please?” She asked.

“Oh, my bad… I should have introduced myself earlier. I am Femi, the man who picked you up the other day.” Femi said.

” Oh, good morning, Sir. Thank you so much for the other day, I really appreciate it. Thank you, Sir.” Sade said.

” Come on… stop thanking me. You have thanked me enough the day I picked you up.” Femi said.

” Oh… but you didn’t know that you were the one God sent to help me that day because I was already looking for a place to spend the night at the bus stop that day.” Sade explained.

” Oh… I see. Let’s give thanks to God almighty. Only him is worthy of our praise. By the way, what is your name? I don’t know that yet.” Femi said, smiling at the other end.

” My name is Folasade.” She answered.

“Oh, wow. You’ve got a beautiful name Folasade.” He said.

“Thank you, sir.” She answered, grinning.

That was how their friendship began till he proposed marriage to her.

She felt that it was too sudden when he proposed but Femi assured her that their coming together had been ordained by God and he shared with her a series of revelations he said he got from God.
She prayed about his proposal and she too got her own confirmation that he is the one for her and she also confirmed that Femi is a child of God. So, she said yes to him and they started their courtship.

Every other suitor that came to ask for her hand in marriage was turned down because she has a way of chasing them away claiming that “she is engaged.”

Sade told her friend about her being engaged to Femi but her friend was surprised as she never knew when her friend started a relationship because she never keeps anything away from her.

Her friend Wumi asked to know whether she had prayed concerning it and she said yes and told her the confirmation she claimed to have gotten from God during her prayers.

Wumi wants to speak further but she held her peace because she didn’t know the reason why her friend Sade was rushing but Wumi later tried explaining to her the consequences of not seeking God’s face properly on the matter but Sade assured her that she has prayed and fasted about it and Sade went on to share with her more confirmations she had gotten from God.

Sade got vexed with Wumi’s continuous question about her confirmation from God but she tried not to show it thinking that Wumi was only being jealous because Femi had proposed to her.

Wumi felt somehow confused about Sade’s proposal, she perceived that there is still something that is not right about Sade’s engagement to Femi.

In Sade’s church, there is a marriage committee that has been set up for intending couples and anyone that wants to get married will have to go through them first for some counseling and questioning before the marriage can be approved.

Sade has already informed the marriage committee about her relationship with Femi and they told her to bring him so that they can begin counseling and ask him some questions concerning his faith and mentality about marriage and bringing Femi to the marriage committee wasn’t an easy task for her as Femi doesn’t stay in Ibadan, he stays in Port Harcourt.

Now that Femi has called to ask if he can come to her place which didn’t go down well with her at first but after thinking about it she saw the reason why she said yes unknowingly and she planned it that he will lodge in a hotel on his arrival.

So, she stopped feeling somehow concerned about his coming to Ibadan to stay at her place and she decided that she will take him to the marriage committee by all means.

She left for her place of work as she was already late and she started preparing for his arrival.

To be Continued..
©Gloria Oluwafumike

Do you think Sade did the right thing by accepting Femi’s proposal?