The Costly Mistake

Episode 5

Sade felt withdrawn throughout the day. Femi asked her to know what happened but she told him she was fine.

“Hmm… I am at a cross road. I am not ready to become a pastor’s wife or a missionary wife. Come to think of it, Samson too is good but I do not love him. It is Femi I want. It is Femi I want to spend the rest of my life with, not a pastor. I do not think it is God that is talking to Samson. I think he is only saying things out of his own imagination. Femi loves me, he cares for me and I have already said yes to his proposal. How will I tell him that I am no longer interested and as it is now, we will not wait for long before we start the wedding preparations. In 3 to 4 months time, we will be joined together in holy matrimony if the marriage committee approves our relationship. As they say, a bird at hand is better than two birds in the bush. Let me stick with Femi and see how it goes.” Sade thought that night.

Few minutes later, she slept off.

On Monday, Sade prepared for work. By 7:30 am, she was ready. She bade Femi goodbye and she left for work.

Monday has always been a hectic day for her. Apart from it being the first day of the week, she always has extra periods to teach. Out of the 9 periods that have been allocated for each day, she uses 8 periods which is 40 minutes per period and before the end of the 8th period, she would have been so tired and exhausted.

After the 8th period, Wumi came to her office to see her. They don’t stay in the same office as they both teach different subjects. Wumi teaches biology while Sade teaches mathematics.

” Sade, my good friend.” Wumi said smiling as she entered her office.

” Wumi my bestie…how are you doing?” Sade’s tired face lit up with a smile when she saw Wumi.

” I am good. I can see you are good too with the smile on your face, so there is no point asking you to know how good you are.” Wumi said.

” Oh, really. Do you know how tired I am now?”

” Oh, sorry. Oya… let’s go to the food canteen to ease off your stress with a good food.”

” Oyaaa…. bills on you.” Sade stood up and they left the office.

On their way to the canteen, Wumi asked Sade to know if she could come to her house as she wanted to discuss something important with her. Sade asked to know what it was but Wumi didn’t want to discuss it with her as the environment was a school environment and anyone can be eavesdropping on what they are saying.

Sade would have loved her to come but there is no where Femi will stay or hide when she comes. So she persuaded Wumi to tell her as she told her she won’t be at home throughout that week. She lied that she has an important place to go to.

Wumi agreed and they found a hidden place in the school compound. A place where they were sure no one would hear them except God and they agreed to go to the food canteen after they discussed whatever they want to discuss.

” Sade, while I was praying this morning,I heard a word from God for you. The Lord said that you have left his presence and you have decided to ignore his own will to do yours.” Wumi told her

” I tried to hear more about this from God as I could not understand but I did not. I think I now understand what God is trying to say. Sade…” Wumi called out to her.

” When you told me about your relationship with Femi, I wasn’t happy with you at all. God has better plans for you. Why do you want to truncate God’s will and plan for your life because you want to satisfy your emotions and feelings? You know you have a purpose to fulfill and the choice of who you get married to will determine if your purpose will be fulfilled.” Wumi said looking into her eyes.

” I remembered when you told me that your purpose in life is to see people both young and old getting it right in life. You said you will be fulfilled in life if only you could help young people especially to get it right in life. You said young people are to be a light to the world not darkness. You said that you will want the young people to break down strongholds of the devil. You said you want to train young people so that they could be on revival for God. You said about old people that you don’t like it when you see them suffer. You said you want them to live the remaining of the life and years they have left for God because God doesn’t want anyone to end up in hell.” Wumi said.

Sade has become emotional as she didn’t know how she got entangled with Femi and she didn’t know what has come over her that she has forgotten her purpose and God’s plan for her so suddenly.

” I think this was one of the reasons you opted for this teaching job. You were zealous for God but what happened. Sade! What happened? You have also lost contact with God. What happened?
You need to retrace your steps back to God. He is ready to receive you back, do not think because you have left his presence for a very long time he is not ready to receive you back. No, God is merciful. He is rich in mercy. He is ready to receive you back. Do not truncate your destiny and purpose in life just for mere pleasures of the world. Sade…” Wumi said.

She was just so concerned about her friend, she didn’t want to lose her to the devil. She is just so passionate about her life and destiny. She doesn’t want her to leave the glorious path God has laid for her to walk through into her future. She doesn’t want her friend to miss it… She started crying

Sade too could not hold back her tears. Something in her was telling her to leave Femi and face God but a thing inside of her was pulling her back and giving her reasons why she should not leave Femi.

She has gotten to the stage that she could no longer hear God speak to her. Her walk with God has been disconnected…

Sade didn’t bother telling Wumi that Femi has been with her for some days. She thought that she knew how to handle Femi.

Wumi moved closer to her to console her. She was in her arms till the bell for the end of the nineth period rang.

Wumi gave Sade a handkerchief so she could wipe her tears. They both forgot about the food canteen they planned to go to after the talk.

They both waited for a few minutes before so that they could calm themselves down as they don’t want anyone to suspect that they have been crying because their other staffs are so nosy….

To be Continued…
©Gloria Oluwafunmike