The Costly Mistake

Episode 6

Before Sade got home, she made up her mind that she would break up with Femi and tell him to leave her house as she was no longer interested in the relationship.

“Our coming together was a mistake as the relationship wasn’t approved by God and God has not been happy with me since I opted into this relationship with you. My walk with God has been jeopardized. My life is at stake here. My purpose and God’s will for my life is at stake here. Please… I need to retrace my steps back and go back to God…” She imagined in her mind what she would tell him in case he wants to cajole him with sweet words.

Sade got home with her mind made up but on opening the door of her room, she met him sitting down on the bed busy with his laptop with no clothe on except the track trousers that he wore and the smell of his cologne filled the room, it was like he emitted all the content in the perfume’s bottle into the room and this made Sade forgot all she has planned to do as the smell waft through her nose. Naturally, she loves the smell of his cologne and anytime she perceives it, she will not be able to think straight anymore.

Femi stood up from the bed to give her a welcome hug with his broad chest. Sade too melted in his arms forgetting that she was crying a few moments ago because of this same reason. In fact, she has planned everything in her mind that if he comes to welcome her with a hug, she will just walk past him and give him attitude till he will ask to know what the problem was and she will gladly tell him her mind but the plan has been ruined as she has melted in his arms and she can’t think straight anymore.

Sade thought again at that moment that maybe her friend was only trying to disengage her from Femi so that she could get married to him without her knowing but she knew her friend could not do that. She became more confused as she didn’t know what to do next. Tears trickled down her face…

Femi was surprised to see her crying in his arms. He didn’t know the torment she had been going through. He didn’t have an idea of what was happening to her. Femi asked to know what happened but she had no answer to give him as she didn’t know what to say. She loved Femi; she couldn’t let go but her life is at stake.

She disengaged herself from Femi’s hug and she started keeping to herself from that moment. Femi tried his best to make her feel lively but all his efforts proved abortive.

On Thursday around 4pm, they went to the church together to see the marriage committee. They were to meet with the marriage committee by 5pm, but they didn’t want any situation where they would get there and the meeting would be postponed. They didn’t want to give the marriage committee any impression of not being serious.

By 5pm prompt, they were called in for counseling and questioning. After the counselling, the pastor told Sade to see him privately in his office. Femi had to stay outside till Sade was through with the pastor.

Throughout the counseling, the committee was not happy with Sade. They didn’t know how she got stuck with Femi because Femi’s faith was questionable. This was the reason why the pastor called Sade to his office to give her a piece of his mind concerning her relationship with Femi.

Sade countenance changed when she came out of the pastor’s office. She was cold towards Femi till they got home.

Femi tried to know what happened to her and what she discussed with the pastor but she didn’t answer him. Femi was confused but he didn’t give up, he tried persuading her the more but all to no avail.

He moved closer to her on the bed, he held her in his arms. Sade wanted to get free from his grip but he was stronger than her, he didn’t want to let go of her.

Femi began to profess his love to her.

“Irrespective of what has been said about me, I love you with the whole of my heart. Irrespective of how bad I may have been painted by your pastor, I still love you. See, forget about what has been said and let’s focus on the future, our future. Give me a chance in your life. Let me prove my love to you. I love you more than every other thing…” Femi said, caressing her back.

Sade was surprised with what he heard him saying. Now she knows the reason why the pastor told him to back off from the relationship. Now, she knows that Femi didn’t know God as he has claimed to do. He was only after her life. He wasn’t even ashamed that he could not even answer any question that was asked concerning his faith.

” Ah… Femi, I never knew you didn’t love me, if I knew I would not have said yes to you. How will you claim to love me when you don’t love God? In fact, as it is now, I am done with this relationship, I am backing out. I have compromised my love for God and faith in God all because of you. Now, I want to miss it again maritally. No, it won’t happen… I am done with this relationship. I am done!” Sade said with a tone of regret and finality.

” No, I still love you with all my heart, I promise to give my whole life to God because of you… I promise.” Femi said as he caressed her the more.

Sade tried to free herself from him as she had started melting into his arms but Femi was stronger than her and it was too late for her to free herself. Femi gave her a deep kiss which sent chills all over her body. Femi intensified his actions and this made Sade lose herself in her own world of fantasy and they ended up making out.

To be Continue…

Eiii… I think Femi is using a cologne that has been fortified ooo because I don’t understand what is happening anymore. Sade that was crying few minutes ago and Sade’s that mind has been made up few minutes ago is no more sure of what to do anymore. Hmm… Lord, have mercy on Sade ooo.

As believers, we should be very careful not to get entangled with the devil in anything we do or any situation we find ourselves because it may not be easy pulling out from it. It only takes God’s grace and mercy to be free from the devil’s entanglement.
©Gloria Oluwafunmike