The Costly Mistake

Episode 7

After the deed has been done, Sade came back to her senses but it was too late for her as it can’t be undone. She blamed herself for allowing her emotions to control her. Sade hated herself. She hated Femi the more as she cried…

Femi was happy that he had been able to pin her down with something. He was happy that he was the one who broke her virginity. He felt remorseful for his actions not that he wanted to but he wanted Sade to know that he didn’t do it purposely and that he was sorry for his actions. He knelt down to make her know he was sorry but Sade won’t hear of it.

The second day, when Femi saw that Sade was bent on sending him out of her house, he decided to leave for Port Harcourt.

Sade could not go to work that day, so she called her HOD to let him know that she won’t be coming that day because she wasn’t feeling fine.

Wumi noticed that Sade was not in school that day. She decided to visit her at home after closing hours.

Sade was fast asleep when she heard a knock on her door. She managed to stand but she felt pains all over her body and in between her legs. She hasn’t stood up from the bed since the other day and Femi was kind enough to change the bed sheet before leaving Sade’s house.

She faked a smile when she opened her door and saw that it was Wumi.

Wumi was surprised to see her in a bad mood looking worn out.

” Hi Sade, what happened? You were not in school today.” She asked to know what happened to her.

” I am not feeling too fine. I have a slight headache and malaria.”

” Oh, sorry dear. I hope you have eaten and I hope you have taken some medications.” Wumi asked as she fixed her eyes on her. She knew it wasn’t malaria, she persuaded her to tell her what happened but she insisted that it was malaria.

She played along too but after a few minutes of staying with her, she decided to know about her next move with Femi.

“How far with Femi. When was the last time you heard from him?” Wumi asked carefully.

” I don’t know anything about him. I broke up with him.” Sade said. She got angry within her as she thought about him again. She prayed in her heart that Femi’s seed would not germinate in her but she still tried to keep a calm face so that Wumi would not question her the more.

Wumi stayed with her for a few hours and she succeeded in cheering up her friend’s mood. She made sure she prepared something for Sade before going back to her house as she didn’t want her to stress herself too much. After doing all of these, she went back to her house leaving Sade in a good mood.

The third day was Sunday. Sade prepared herself for church. She didn’t want to stay at home as she didn’t want a situation whereby her church members would be calling her to know the reason why she was not in church. She wasn’t in the mood to answer any questions.

She made up her mind that she will let Samson know her mind concerning his marriage proposal. She was not ready to go into any relationship anymore. She needed time to heal up from the hurt Femi made her go through and to see if she can retrace her steps back to God. She felt that she can’t tell anyone, not even her parents as she felt that it is a thing of shame to have sex out of wedlock. She thought that no one would understand her and she felt more bad because she was warned but somehow, she got trapped in Femi’s web.

She left for church and after service, she approached Samson.

” Bro. Samson, how are you doing today and how was the service?”

” I am fine. Service was good. In fact, it was awesome. All thanks to God. How about yours too.” Samson answered with all enthusiasm as he was expecting a positive reply from Sade.

” I am good too.” Sade answered simply.

” I just want to let you know about my decision concerning your proposal last week. I have prayed about it but I did not receive a yes from God and besides, I do not see us as a thing. We are not meant for each other.” Sade said facing sideways. She didn’t want to look into Samson’s eyes; she knew he would be hurt deeply. She knew she was only lying.

Samson’s heart sank on hearing Sade’s reply.

“B… bu… but… I… I prayed to God before coming to you and God assured me that you are his will for me but what now happened. God cannot lie.” Samson muttered under his breath. He felt sad and bad.

Sade quickly left the church premises, she knew she was about to miss God’s will for her life. Samson managed to find his way home and when he got home, he cried bitterly unto God.

To be Continued…
©Gloria Oluwafunmike