The Costly Mistake

Episode 8

Sade was still in bed sleeping. It was a Monday morning and a public holiday has been declared, so she didn’t go to work.
She heard her phone vibrate and she checked who the caller was. It was her Mum and she picked it.

It has been a while since Sade and her Mum talked and her Mum misses her so much. She felt she should call her to know how she is fairing that morning.

“Hello, Folasade, my daughter.”

” Hello, Mummy.”

” How are you doing? It has been a while since you came home. What happened?” Sade’s Mum asked.

” I am good, Mum. Oh really… I didn’t notice that it has been long since I came home.”

“Hmm… is it the work that you are doing that made you forget that it has been a long while since you came home and it has been a while since you called us. I hope you are fine. I hope is not that you are using your busyness to cover up something.” Sade’s Mum asked.

” No, Mum. I am fine. Everything is going on fine. In fact, I will be coming home by the end of the month.” Sade said grinning.

” Ok ooo… if you say so but do not forget that if you are going through anything, you should feel free to tell me as you have always been doing before now. Please, do not keep anything away from me. I am your mother and I still care about you no matter your age, you know I will always give you a listening ear.” Sade’s Mum said feeling concerned about her welfare as she felt that something was not right.

” Ok, Mum. I will.” Sade said as tears filled up her eyes.

“I know you will as you have always been doing. In everything you do, do not forget God.”

” Alright, Mummy. I will not. Extend my greetings to Dad and Yemi.” Sade said.

” Alright, I will. I love you darling.”

” I love you too, Mummy.” Sade said as she ended the call.

After she dropped the call, she thought that she should have opened up to her Mum and tell her what is going on in her life but she didn’t want to break her Mum’s heart because her Mum trusted her so much to the extent that she may not believe her if she tell her about it.

Her thought was interrupted when Femi’s call came in, she let it ring off and immediately, she switched off her phone before he called back.

The rest of the week wasn’t a productive one for her, she was always lost in thought and always feeling depressed but she always made sure that she puts on a cheerful look while going to school and when teaching her students.

She doesn’t want to answer unnecessary questions from her colleagues especially Wumi if they see her putting on a sad look and she doesn’t want to transfer her aggression on her students. She tried to be calm throughout that week.

She could not trace her steps back to God anymore, anytime she wants to pray, she will always feel dejected and dirty. She always hears a voice that tells her that she is not worthy anymore, that she can’t be forgiven and she is helpless in a way that no one will come to her aid.

At the end of the month, Sade went to her parents place to pay them a visit.

Her Mum was so happy to see her as she hugged her tightly.

“Oko mi… (My child). I am happy to see you. How are you doing?” Sade’s Mum asked immediately she set her eyes on her.

” I am fine Mummy.”

” What happened to you? You look dull.” Sade’s Mum asked as she looked deeply into her eyes. She could see that she is not happy.

” Oh… dull? Maybe it’s because of the stress of being in a bus for more than 4 hours without changing position and you know that the road that leads to our state is bad, maybe that is what is making me look dull. In fact, I am so tired.” Sade answered so as to stop her Mum from questioning her more.

” Ok, go in, take your bath, come and eat and go take a nap afterwards. It has been a while since you ate Mummy’s food.” Sade’s Mum said smiling.

” Yes ooo Mummy. It has been a while since I ate your food. In fact, let me eat first before I take my bath and a nap.”
” No, daughter. It is the first thing first. You go take your bath and come to the dining room to eat your food. Or else, no food for you.” Sade’s Mum said smiling.

” Mummy na… You will not let me do my things the way I like and you will be complaining that I didn’t come home. Why do you think I will come home?” Sade said playfully as she walked towards her room to quickly freshen up because she knew quite alright that no matter what she says or do, her Mum won’t let her eat first.

To be Continued…
©Gloria Oluwafunmike