The Costly Mistake

Episode 100

Few days after, Sade went back to Ibadan. She became more energetic after she came back from Ekiti.

She became more lively and productive as she has always been.

Femi still didn’t stop calling her, she calls her from time to time just to know how she is doing. With Femi’s frequent calls, he has started to create an emotional bond between them both unknowingly.

Still, Sade has not being able to trace her steps back to God despite her Mum and her friends warning. She needs to open up and come out plain but she thought she could keep it to herself. She didn’t know that it is only a time bomb that is about to explode.


Samson almost became depressed when Sade turned down his proposal. He knew he heard God well and he didn’t know what happened that made Sade turned down his proposal.

He cried bitterly unto God to know what happened and God told him that he is going to replace Sade with another lady but he will have to be patient.

Samson pulled himself together and trusted God.

Few weeks later, Samson proposed to Grace and they began their courtship.


Two weeks after Sade got back to Ibadan, she fell sick. She didn’t know the cause of her sickness. She tried using malaria drug but it didn’t work.

A thought crossed through her mind that maybe she was pregnant but she quickly discarded the thought as something impossible.

It got worse that she couldn’t go to work and luckily for her, they have finished their terminal exam and it remain only three days to vacate. So, she decided to visit the hospital to run a test on herself.

When she got to the hospital, the doctor ran a malaria test and a pregnancy test on her.
Both result came out positive. Sade could not believe the test result, what she feared most has happened. She is pregnant.

When she got home, her mind wasn’t at rest. She was pacing around her room when the thought of calling Femi crossed her mind. She quickly give in to the thought as that was the only option she had. She couldn’t call her Mum or Wumi.

” Hello…” Sade voiced out over the phone about to cry.

” Sade, what happened to you? Are you crying?” Femi asked feeling concerned.

” Ah… Femi… I am done for. I am pregnant. You have ruined my life Femi…” Sade said as her tears poured out in torrents.

” How?” Femi asked.

“Are you okay? You are still asking me how. Have forgotten that this pregnancy is as a result of our last sexual act? Or do you think I am a flirt? Do you think I am someone who changes guys like cloth?” Sade asked angrily.

” Oh… actually, it skipped my mind.” Femi said as he sighed deeply.

” What do want us to do now?” He asked.

“Are you still asking me that question. This is why I called you because I don’t know what to do and I thought you will have a solution.” Sade answered.

Femi thought for a while, he knew doing an abortion is not an option. He knew that this is the right time to make his next step known to her concerning getting married to her. He is kind of excited that he has been able to tie her down with something. It is Sade he wants and love not any other lady but he didn’t know how to put it.
He found a way round it and he continued.

“Hmm… I think this is the right time to take this relationship into the next level. I think we need to come together for the sake of our unborn child as husband and wife. Or what do you think.” Femi said.

” What rubbish are you saying? I do not have your time. Mtcheew…” She hissed and hung up the call on him.

Sade is now in a dilemma, she doesn’t know what to do. She thought about going for an abortion but she knew it a grievous sin against God and she doesn’t want to add up to her piled up sin. She thought about Femi’s offer, she saw that as a better option.

Deep down her heart, she still loved Femi. Now that she is pregnant for him, she thought that it would be easier for her to get married to him and she thought no man may want to marry her since she is already pregnant.

So, she decided to stick with Femi for the rest of her life.

To be Continued…
©Gloria Oluwafunmike