The Costly Mistake

Episode 11

Sade’s relationship with Femi grew stronger than when they first began.

Femi showered her with lots of love and he always calls her every now and then to know how she is fairing.

Sade too became fond of Femi the more, she began to see more reasons why she needs to get married to Femi.

She has abandoned her relationship with God totally. She no longer cares about that.

Femi and Sade decided to pick a date for their wedding and they decided to carry their family along. They wanted to do everything fast before the baby bump started showing.

The problem Sade is now having is her parents, especially her Mum. Her Dad is not her problem but she knows her mother so well, she may not approve of her relationship with Femi.

She talked to Femi about it but he told her not to worry about it and she should find the best and convenient time that they will be in the mood for them to have the conversation.

With this, Sade prepared herself to go to Ekiti. She knew it won’t be easy talking to her parents but she is going to try her best to convince them, her Mum especially.

Fortunately for Sade, Femi too is from Ekiti and his parents live in Ekiti too,so they both decided to go home together and they both have planned to introduce themselves to each other’s parents before going back to their base so that they can start the marriage preparation properly.

When she got to her parents house in Ekiti, she didn’t meet them at home but she met her younger sister, Yemi.

She asked about her parents’ whereabouts and Yemi told her they went to a church program and they will be back soon.

She entered inside her room feeling tired from the stress of the journey, she took her bath and she took a nap afterwards.

Few hours later, her parents came back from the church program. Her parents were surprised to see her because she rarely comes home during holidays.

Her father asked to know what happened, she only told them that everything was fine and she misses them but her Mum knew there was more to her coming home.

Her Mum looked at her closely but she kept quiet.

On the third day of Sade’s arrival in Ekiti, she went to Femi’s place to see him and his parents.

Femi has talked to his parents about Sade and they were ready to receive her.

When Sade got to his parents house, they were happy to see her and they received her in. They made her feel at home.

Femi asked her to know if she has talked to her parents concerning them. She said no because she is still looking for a perfect time to talk to them about it.

When Sade got home, she gathered courage to talk to her parents about her relationship with Femi after dinner that same day.

” Mum, Dad. I would like to discuss something with you after dinner.” Sade told her parents.

” Ok.” Sade’s Mum and Dad both chorused but Sade’s Mum fixed her gaze on Sade. She knows Sade is pregnant but she is only waiting for her to voice out the reason why she came home.

Sade started feeling uncomfortable as her Mum stared at her, she excused herself from the dining table.

After Sade was sure that they had finished eating, she came out from her room.

She sat down facing her Mum and Dad, she became scared and tensed because she was about to break her parents heart with what she was about to say.

” Dad, Mum. I want to say thank you for bringing me up in the way of the Lord and for making me the lady I am today. I appreciate all your effort, your love and care over me. I pray that you will eat the fruit of your labor over me. Thank you so much Mum. Thank you so much Dad.” Sade began.

” You are welcome.” They both answered.

” Dad, Mum. I just want to let you know that I have gotten a man I want to marry and I am planning to bring him to you…” Sade said and her Mum interrupted her.

” Who is this man?” Sade’s Mum asked.

” His name is Femi and he is from Ekiti too. He works and stays in Port Harcourt.” Sade answered.

” Ok, bring him to us and let’s see him.” Sade’s Dad answered.


The third day, Femi paid Sade’s parents a visit.

On seeing Femi, both Sade’s Mum and Dad didn’t like him but they didn’t want to show it in their behavior towards him.

Sade’s Mum especially didn’t know how Sade got to know Femi and how they got entangled together. Sade’s Mum then knew she needed to confirm if Sade was truly pregnant and she really wants to know what she saw in Femi that made her want to marry him. Sade’s Mum knows there is trouble ahead if Sade should marry Femi.


” You can’t marry him.” Sade’s Mum said with a tone of finality after Femi left.

“Why Mum?” Sade asked.

” Can’t you see the handwriting on the wall? That is not God’s will for you. You are about to get it wrong.”

” No, Mum. No.” Sade answered.

” Ok, you said no. Tell me five reasons you want to get married to him. I mean what are your convictions and what are the revelations you got from God.” Sade’s Mum asked.

Sade thought for a a while before she answered her.

” Mum. Convictions or revelations don’t matter now. All that matters is that I love Femi and I want to get married to him.” Sade answered.

” Ah… Sade. Where are you getting all this from? Ehn… where? I never raised you up this way. What happened? Why do you want to allow the devil to truncate God’s plan for you?” Sade’s Mum said feeling concerned.

” No, Mum. That is not true. The devil will never truncate God’s plan for me.”

” Hmm… ok. Sade, are you pregnant?” Sade’s Mum asked her the question unaware.

” No, Mum.” Sade answered.

” It is written all over you. I can see that you are pregnant. I don’t even understand you anymore, you are no more the Sade I used to know. Who is responsible for the pregnancy? You better tell me the truth or else…” Sade’s Mum said angrily.

” Femi”. Sade answered.

” Femi again? Is that the reason you want to get married to him because you are pregnant? Not when I am alive will you get married to him, you will keep that pregnancy, retrace your steps back to God and give birth to the child. If not, forget Femi for life.”

” No, Mum. This is my choice, Femi is my choice and besides, I can’t give birth to a child out of wedlock.” Sade said.

” Ohh… now I understand. When you know that you didn’t want a child out of wedlock, why did you go get pregnant in the first place. Ehn? Answer me…”

Sade’s father had to intervene in the matter.

” Sade, I am not happy with you at all but since you said it is your choice, you can go ahead to do whatever you want. You are no longer a kid actually and I think you know what is best for you and I pray you will not regret it since you said Femi is your choice. Mama Sade, let’s leave her to do what she wants.” Sade’s father concluded.

” Ah ah… ki le tun so yi (what are you saying). How can we let her make her choice when we both know it is wrong.” The enraged Sade’s Mum said.

” I know but her mind is made up already and there is nothing we can do because it is her choice, let her do it.” Sade’s father said with a tone of bitterness.

Sade’s Mum finally agreed and Sade thanked her parents for letting her do her wish.

Few weeks later, Sade and Femi got married traditionally in Ekiti.

To be Continued…
©Gloria Oluwafunmike