The Costly Mistake- Episode 14

” Congratulations Mr. Femi. The operation was successful and your wife delivered safely.” The doctor said immediately he came out of the theatre room.

Femi was happy to hear this that his wife is alive and the operation was successful.

” Mum, my wife has just delivered a baby girl and the operation was successful.” Femi told his mother who was still not happy that his son didn’t listen to him when she told him that they should take Sade to another hospital.

” È ku ori ire òmò titun. Olorun o wo. (Congratulations. The Lord will take care of her).” Mama Femi said nonchalantly.

Femi called Sade’s Mum to tell her the good news. She was happy to hear that her daughter gave birth safely and she told Femi that she will be visiting them in few days.

Few minutes later, they were allowed to enter the ward where Sade is.
Femi was happy to see and Sade was happy to see him. He checked on his daughter and he left Sade with his mother so that he could go home and prepare something for her to eat.

Sade noticed that her mother in-law was feeling indifferent and she asked to know what happened.

” Mummy, did anyone offend you? You don’t look happy.” Sade asked.

” Why do you think I should be happy. Tell me why I should be happy when I never knew you were sent to ruin out lives and waste our money. I never knew you were this weak. You could not give birth yourself. It was until they did C-section for you that was when you were able to give birth. I never knew you were like this in your family, had I known, I wouldn’t have allowed you get married to my son. You waster.” Femi’s Mum said with all aggressiveness.

” But… it wasn’t my fault that I was able to give birth and…” Sade was saying calmly when her Mother in-law interrupted her.

” You are still talking. In fact you are very stupid for saying that. Is it not your mate that gives birth without C-section? Well… I can’t blame you. It is Femi I will blame. Iwo òmò radarada yii. (You this useless child)” Femi’s Mum said without minding if she was hurting Sade with her words.

Sade couldn’t hold it anymore, she started crying. She never knew her mother in-law has so much bitterness in her. She thought she was caring and loving with the way she treated her the first time she visited their place in Ekiti.

Then she knew it someone can not be judged with the way they behave the first time you see them.

Femi got back to the hospital after he has finished preparing the food he went home to prepare for Sade.

His Mum met him in front of the hospital gate when she came out to buy something.

” What are you holding in your hands? ” His Mum asked.

” Sade’s food.” He answered.

” You still went home to prepare something for her after you have spent that huge amount on her. Does she even deserve to eat?” His Mum asked

” Ah, ah… Mum. Don’t be wicked. At least be happy that she is alive and be happy that we have an addition in our family. I don’t know why you are doing this way. Giving birth through C-section doesn’t mean the end of life for someone. Besides, you gave birth to my younger brother through C-section.” Femi said angrily and he hissed.

When Femi got to the ward where Sade was, he met her crying and he knew his mother has said something that is making her cry. He consoled her and pacified her to stop crying and eat her food.

Three days later, they were discharged. It was the second day that they were discharged that Sade’s Mum got to Port Harcourt.

Meanwhile, Femi’s Mum didn’t allow Sade have peace of mind.

For the first time since Sade got married, she wished she listened to her parents advice and friends advice because she always think that after birth one is allowed to have peace of mind after the stress one must have gone through but reverse is the case for her and she keeps hoping that Femi’s Mum will leave one day and she will have her peace.

Sade’s Mum too didn’t like the way Sade was been treated by her mother in-law and this always lead to constant argument between them both.

Sade’s Mum too wished her daughter listened to her but she didn’t and she has made her choice.

On the eighth day, the baby was named Ayomide.

To be Continued…
©Gloria Oluwafunmike