Episode 1

Sade has just finished preparing herself for work, she works in a private secondary school in the city of Ibadan.

She checked herself in the mirror to see how good she looked.

Sade is beautiful no doubt, she is dark skinned, she has a round face, she is of average height, she has small pink lips and natural long hair which makes her beauty shine with the different styles she makes with it.

She heard her phone vibrate on her bed, she moved closer to it to see who was calling her. Her lips curved into a smile when she saw that it was her fiance that was calling her, then she picked it up.

“Hello baby.” Femi said at the other end giggling.

“Hello, good morning.” Sade answered him with a smile.

“How is my baby doing this morning? I hope you slept well.” Femi asked.

“I am doing well and I slept well. What about you?” Sade asked.

” Well, I am not fine.” Femi said suckling like a baby at the other end.

” What happened to you?” Sade asked, feeling concerned.

“I want to see you. I am missing you badly here and anytime I talk about it you always wave it off saying that you are busy.” Femi said with a tone that aroused Sade’s pity.

” Oh… not that I do not miss you too, but I have been so busy lately that I couldn’t come over and I told you about it.” Sade explained.

” Oh, alright. Can I come over to spend like 3 days with you?” Femi said pleadingly.

” Hmm… yes you can.” Sade answered him after she thought about it for five seconds.

” Oh wow, that’s my baby. I love you so much. You are the best.” Femi said feeling excited at the other end.
” Thank you.” Sade answered.

“Alright, I will call you back. Take care of yourself and have a great day.” Femi said.

” Alright and you too.” Sade answered.

With this, they both ended the call and Femi was feeling excited for granting him his request while Sade at the other end had a mixed feeling concerning Femi’s request.

Not that the communication bond between them is not strong but Femi felt like seeing her face to face. He is tired of the phone calls, video calls and messages they do everyday.

She thought that she should have turned it down but she didn’t know what got into her head that made her grant him her request.

Well, Sade met Femi during one her visit to her hometown in Ekiti.
She was just coming back from Ibadan that day at around 9pm in the night because the bus she boarded broke down like 5 times before she got to Ekiti.

She didn’t plan it that way but she had no choice. She waited at the bus stop for like 30 minutes and there was no sight of a bike or cab that could take her to her parents house. She had no one at home that has a bike or car to call that can come to pick her.

When she saw that there’s nothing she could do to get home, she gave up and started deliberating on sleeping at the bus stop.

It was when she was deliberating on this that she saw the headlight of a car from afar. She was excited that at last help was coming forth, so she decided to stop the car to see if the person could give her a lift to the junction of their street.

As she had thought, the car stopped and before she could say anything, the man behind the wheel told her to enter so that he could take her where she was going to as it was already late.

She didn’t think twice before she joined him at the front seat, she felt so excited and she couldn’t stop thanking him for helping her.

At last, they got to her house after she had given him the description of her street and house. Before she got down from his car, the man asked for her number which she gave out excitedly because of what he did for her.

Then he bade her a goodnight after which she gave him her number.

To be Continued…
©Gloria Oluwafunmike