Category: Mental Health

Elements of Self Awareness-Management

In continuation of our discussion on how to develop Personal Competence (self-awareness and self-management) aspect of Emotional Intelligence, we will discuss the Basics of Self Awareness today. To develop the Self Awareness skill: you must recognize your emotions, how they affect you and others, and who & what push...

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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Marriage is like a school where you learn something new every day.   Sometimes,  you learn same things repeatedly until you understand through mistakes or desire to get it right. You learn both intellectually and behavioural .   Your IQ is a measure of your logical and analytical...

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Sexual Abuse

Accurate statistics on the prevalence of sexual abuse are difficult to collect because of problems of underreporting and the lack of one definition of what constitutes such abuse. However, there is general agreement among mental health and Sexual professionals that ‘Sexual Abuse’ is any sort of non-consensual sexual contact....

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