Dance of Shame (Part 2)

Dance of Shame

In my final year, I took an elective course in the History department. There I made friends with a group of girls in class who were as notorious as I was. There was a difference between us though. While my friends went after men for money, I went in for the thrills……….having men turn to playthings in my nimble hands.

I was intrigued when my new friends spoke about a particular lecturer in the department.  I had all the male lecturers in my department wrapped around my fingers. I got them down on their backs when I needed marks and none had resisted me before.

So who was this new kid on the block?

‘I have never met a man as hard as that Mr Alausa.’ Kike, one of my new found friends said.

‘What do you mean by hard, Kike?’ I asked her.

‘He never smiles and cannot look at a girl twice no matter how beautiful she is.’

‘Who told you that?’ I asked, a sneer in my voice. ‘Any man with blood flowing in his veins must like women. What are you telling me?’

‘Sharon, we know what we are talking about,’ Derin, another of the girls put in. ‘We have been in this department before you and Mr Alausa has been taking us since our first year. He cannot melt in a girl’s arms. We don try tire, abi?’ She asked the others for confirmation and they nodded agreement.

‘You can’t even get through to him. The stern look he would give you alone eh………,’ Kike began.

‘You will dive for cover.’ Shola put in.

‘Isn’t he married?’

‘He is but…………,’

‘Forget. I can make Mr Alausa sing like a canary in my arms.’

‘No way!’ They screamed simultaneously.

‘I am serious. No man has ever resisted me before and Mr Alausa will not be an exception. I have dealt with very tough men who turned to jelly in my arms. His stern front is merely a facade. Such men are softer than those who look gentle.’

‘In this case, you don jam rock because Mr Alausa is a rock that cannot be penetrated.’ Tania another girl added

‘Can we bet?’ I rose up to the challenge. ‘I will unmask Mr. Alausa piece by piece and lead him in a merry dance on my bed.’

‘We are here. Let us bet.’ The girls chorused.

I recalled the image of Mr Alausa and chuckled quietly. I knew he was not as hard as he looked though his face was like a mask of seriousness and even a smile could not cause a dent in his hard visage

I plotted my strategies slowly. I participated better in Mr Alausa’s class, was quick to answer questions in class, the first to turn in my class assignment, hoping he would notice me. I was a brilliant student despite my wild nature and answered all the questions intelligently. I did all this for a while till I decided to zero in for the kill. After Mr Alausa’s course one day, I winked at my friends and followed him as he made his way along the corridor and into his office.

‘Excuse me sir,’ I said, no quiver in my voice.

‘Yes’ Mr Alausa said in a loud voice, his eyes more formidable beneath his thick eyebrows but I was not fazed by his stern looks.

‘I want to discuss something with you about the last lesson we had.’

‘I do not discuss questions outside lecture hours. Haven’t I said that countless times in class?’ Mr. Alausa raised his voice but I did not flinch one bit.

‘But I cannot wait till tomorrow. I have to know the answer as that will lead me to asking another question.’

‘I said wait till tomorrow.’ Mr Alausa’s voice rose on the last words but I was unrelenting. By this time, we had reached the door of his office and he entered. Before he slammed the door at me, I tried one last time.

‘I will be back later with something more concrete than a question. Bye sir.’

‘Come here, Sharon.’ Mr Alausa said in a mild voice, to my surprise.

‘Oh! You know my name.’

‘Yes I do. You have been participating a lot in my class lately. And you are very bold to approach me this way. Come in.’

Mr Alausa ushered me into his office and closed the door. He did not look as formidable as he often did and I was hardly surprised.

‘What is this question you want to ask me?’ His voice betrayed curiosity.

‘I have a personal problem I would like to discuss with you. I prefer to do it over dinner, not in this crowded office.’

‘What makes you think I will accept to have dinner with you? I never get so personal with my students.’

‘You don’t have to tell me that. I have heard enough about your formidable character to last a lifetime. But I still want to discuss this problem with you. I can pay for the dinner if that bothers you.’

‘Of course it doesn’t. But I don’t think that will be wise at all. Good day, Miss Sharon.’

‘Well, I guess you have lived up to the not so good reputation you have built in this school. I dared to believe you will be different but I guess I was wrong.’

‘Wait a second. Where do we have this dinner?’ Mr Alausa’s voice stopped me in my tracks.

I smiled secretly as I gave him details of our meeting place and left his office, a triumphant look on my face. I told my friends about the dinner but they did not believe me. They decided to snoop around the venue of our meeting to confirm my story.

I took special care in my dressing that day. Not glaringly provocative but modest and alluring at the same time. I saw from the look on Mr Alausa’s face that I had scored one point. Though he did not make any comment, the appreciative lift of his eyebrows told me loud and clear that he appreciated my turnout.

The venue of our meeting was a private hotel in the heart of Surulere in Lagos. It had a small and cosy restaurant with soft music playing in the background.

He tried to ask me about the personal problem I had but I studiously avoided that topic and he did not press me. After dinner at the restaurant, I suggested we go to the hotel where we would discuss in a more relaxed atmosphere.

‘I am sure we can discuss whatever we want to right here.’ He said hesitantly.

‘I don’t think so, Mr Alausa. Forget about the lecture room now. I no longer see you as my lecturer. We are two friends going on an outing.’

‘You are very bold, Sharon. No student has ever spoken to me like this before.’ He looked straight at me, obviously intrigued by my boldness.

‘That is because you have always presented yourself in the image of an ogre. Everyone is scared stiff of you.’

‘I realise that but I am not as terrible as people think I am. I merely put up that hard front so I will not be taken for granted. But people paint me blacker than Lucifer and it bothers me sometimes.’ Suddenly, I saw the vulnerable side of the tough Mr Alausa and I played on it.

‘You can change all that.’ I said, staring deep into his eyes.


‘We can discuss that in a cosier place. Come on.’

I took Mr Alausa’s hands and he followed me meekly like a child following a doting parent.  I could sense that his defences were down. We checked into the hotel where we had the dinner. I paid the bill despite Mr Alausa’s protests. I knew that he had fallen under my hypnotic spell the moment he looked into my eyes.

Inside the hotel, I wound my hands around Mr Alausa’s neck. I reached for his trousers and true to type, he began to quiver. He responded to my touch and between the linen sheets, I proved that he was no different from the men I had encountered all my life. I could not wait to tell my ‘spying’ friends that a man so hard could be equally as wild. I knew Mr Alausa would tickle me the way his male species had done in the past. How could he be different when he was a man?

My friends were almost paralyzed with shock at my success and I gained a new respect from then on. I revelled in it all, sinking deeper in the mire of immorality.

My success with Mr Alausa made me more confident of my power over any man and I continued in my amorous escapades, leading men in a dance of shame; making them captives of my feminine charms.

Till I met him.