Maybe I should even end this marriage?

The divorce rate is rising all over the world. A recent EU-wide survey reveals an overall increase in the number of couples getting divorced. Britain and Finland have the joint highest divorce rate in the EU. The African continent isn’t spared from this situation. Divorce is also increasing in the Church.

Many factors have been identified for the rising rate of divorce worldwide. The question is what do you think is most responsible for divorce? Is it Money, is it sex? Could it be compatibility issues or are there other issues that are not so visible?

Here are answers from married couples on the factors that have increased the divorce rates. Some say it’s the combined effect of selfishness, pride, and ego; that couples these days can barely make sacrifices or respect and tolerate the differences between each other. A few others say divorce happens because people marry for the wrong reason.

Marriage is no longer considered spiritual and subject to God’s ruling of it being indissoluble and forever. It is now merely a legal contract with release clauses whenever you feel like it and then you can contract another one after the break up and as many times as you like. All other reasons (infidelity, violence, etc) are offshoots to this.

Divorce is an extreme option after separation has been explored. The rate of divorce among Christians is rising. We really need to do something fast. God’s laws are not burdensome, they don’t rob us of happiness; they guarantee it. Do your part and trust God for the other person to be given grace to hold up. When we do our part in honor of God, he honors us back by giving grace and reward.

God clearly stated: ‘I hate divorce’. That’s a clear and unequivocal statement. And I think every believer needs to agree with God on this. So if God hates divorce, perhaps the devil likes it. So the devil will sow seeds to lead to divorce, it’s our role to ensure the seeds don’t grow. The real issue is that some Christians don’t want to pray for their marriage as much as they pray about some other aspects of their lives!

I know it feels like I’m being overly spiritual with a subject that has lots to do with the physical but stick with me… Let me explain! The devil is out to destroy marriages, hence lives! If we pray, the war room model prayers, for our spouses and marriages, divorce won’t come into the picture. I have seen people pray for health, wealth etc. I have seen the commitment to these prayers, the decisiveness to get results and the total stubbornness to refuse anything that will suggest the situation won’t change. And those situations have changed!

Let us stop all the grammar and take our issues to God in prayers. The heart of the king is in the hands of God. There have been awesome testimonies of Christian women who prayed their husband into the kingdom. The answer to all marital problems is in the ‘war room. Divorce is never the answer. Let’s also learn to forgive and forget, tolerate our differences and pray for one another. No one is perfect except the God that joined us together and is only through him we can live a perfect live even in our home. The bible is the standard and our prayer is that God helps us keep Our homes. We should see our marriages as a worship/service to God in which we can’t afford to fail.

If for any reason you are divorced please don’t hold it against yourself or your spouse. Things happen. Forgive yourself and forgive your partner. Ensure you don’t make your children hate your spouse and that none of the children see divorce as an option.

This message is really an appeal to the couples who are having it rough in their marriage to explore other options of restoring peace to their home rather than divorce. I agree some marriages are bad, way, way bad. I understand some spouses are difficult, wicked and rude. Sometimes, separation or divorce seems to be the only option. My main point is, try prayers. Deliberate, decisive and determined prayer has effect

Our ship will not sink in Jesus name!

NB: War room here refer to your prayer closet/room