Jeremiah’s Text….Gregory’s Offer.


“I said I ran out” I responded, feeling so ashamed before my friend of fifteen years.


“Isabella, why do you always run out? The last time you ran out of an elevator, now you run out of a restaurant!” She was looking at me like a mother would look at her child who‘s been off playing with mud.


“You really can’t keep running out like that, babe.”


“I know. It was beginning to get uncomfortable. He was bringing up memories I thought I had forgotten. He knows all of my weaknesses. He wants me back barely ten hours after I kissed Jeremiah.” I said, all in one breath.


Ego looked on.


“Gregory names his daughter after me, divorces his wife who broke us apart, is after Jeremiah’s head and then he says he wants me back. Let‘s just say a lot has happened and I’m not too sure how to take it all in.” I sat down heavily on the sofa and let out a deep sigh.


My friend came to sit beside me and held my hand.


“It’s okay, darling,” she said.


She had come that morning at my request.


How can Gregory want me back after what has happened? This was Gregory. This was the man that‘s after the company I worked for. This was the same man who got another woman pregnant and went off to marry her, leaving me broken.


After twelve years, he wants me back!


“What is Pentagon House suing Edgewood for, by the way?” Lisa asked.


I sighed again.


“Edgewood and Pentagon House used to be partners in the days of Jeremiah and Gregory’s fathers. They were both key players in the Digital Technology Industry and made a lot of investments together. However, they had to break up; for reasons I don’t know about but I am guessing personal. Meanwhile, Edgewood had invested heavily on Research and Development and so much more for over twenty years. This made them formidable and way stronger than Pentagon House. Over the years, Pentagon House on the other hand was reckless in management.


“Now, Pentagon House is suing over patent rights. All along, they have been buying some of Edgewood’s technologies for their products like other high-tech firms, but now they want a piece of the pie without having to pay for it, claiming they built it together. If they win, Edgewood would lose a lot of money, patent rights and maybe even a whole lot more to them. Of course, Pentagon House have no right to what they claim because a lot of these technologies came into existence after the split but then we have to prove this in court which is a bit dicey because they have a common foundation.


Ego listened with rapt attention as I continued. Not like she understood all that I said, but she managed.


“I believe it can be settled amicably and out of court. However, the personal rift between these two men which started from the days of both fathers isn’t making them agree at all. And now, I seem to be fuelling the rift.”


I sighed, feeling very guilty.


“This was what I wanted to work out at dinner last night. I thought I could handle it. Of course, I didn’t expect what I got in return.”


“If they had a trend of suing one another since the days of their father, then it‘s so much complicated than we thought. But really, I don’t want you getting caught up in the middle of all this. I need you to do what you can do legally and hands off.” Ego looked concerned.


She was right, I needed to do all I could and then, back off. It was enough that I stood between Lisa and Patrick’s love affair and didn’t want any more of this.


Meanwhile, Gregory had been calling me since last night and I hadn‘t picked. I knew if he wanted to come to my house, he would have but thank God he hadn’t. I didn’t know what to say to him.


The look I saw in his eyes was too deep and sincere. We shared a lot of memories together. A lot that kept me awake all night.


After Ego had made sure she had ‘talked sense in to me‘ she left me to go unpack and promised to come back later in the evening.


Finally, I decided to take Gregory’s call.


His voice was soft, almost too soft.


“Bells, I am sorry I made you feel uncomfortable yesterday. It was never my intention. Guess I was too caught up in so much emotions, seeing you after so long.” He paused. I didn’t try to interrupt him so he continued.


“Can we at least just catch up, no rush. I want you back, but there isn’t any rush. I will respect your space and decision,” he finished.


I figured I needed to respond, at least I needed to be nice.


“It‘s alright, Gregory. I am sorry I ran off like that too.”


He seemed to liven up over the phone.


“Listen, I was driving through a pet store two days ago and I remembered you always wanted to have a cat. I would like to get you one. I didn’t want to surprise you with it in case you didn’t like the idea any more.”


I smiled and looked at Missy who was fiddling with the remote control like no man’s business. Thank God the TV wasn’t on. She would have changed the settings of the TV the way she had severally.


“I already have a cat, Gregory,” I said “And I am not sure she likes invasion of her territory very much” I added.


“Wow, can I meet her?” The eagerness in his voice was unmistakable.


Instantly, I remembered Jeremiah and Missy and the bond they seemed to form.


I wasn’t ready to expose my precious cat to different men and God forbid that she likes Gregory and he walks away too.


“Not now, Gregory. I would let you know when the time is right” I said.


“I understand,” he said, although I could sense he was a bit disappointed. “What’s her name?” he asked.


“Missy” I answered proudly.


“At least you care enough to ask and you haven’t even met her yet” I thought. Uncle Jeremiah would rather kiss and walk away.


Gregory laughed softly.


“Missy” he repeated, almost in a whisper.


After I hung up the call with Gregory, I saw Jeremiah’s text hanging and waiting to be read.


“You and Gregory were lovers?” It came in form of a statement, yet a question.


Never had five words thrown me off-balance like they did now.


A week passed since our kiss and I still didn’t have the nerve to respond to Jeremiah’s text. Rumors spread like wildlife about his wedding to Lisa in two weeks. He hasn’t been around, however. He has been away for over four days and even before his absence, our paths hardly crossed.


Even though I knew the day of Jeremiah’s wedding to Lisa would eventually come, I still felt a bit sad. I was sad for two reasons. One, I was already in love with this man. Two, I sensed Lisa and Patrick were still having their secret love affair and I was very certain that this wasn’t likely to end even after Lisa gets married.


However, I was certain there was never a better time to let go. I knew Jeremiah was being cheated on and it was likely to remain that way for a long time, but it wasn’t my load to carry, really.


I couldn’t tell Jeremiah for obvious reasons. Besides, I had enough on my plate as it was. We had a case to win against Pentagon House and my legal team and I had been having short hours of sleep lately.


We were due for court appearance in a month. This was one battle we couldn’t afford to lose.


Meanwhile, Jeremiah mentioned snitches in Edgewood.


This was uncertain yet, however I saw the possibilities. I knew there was a reason Chief Momoh, Lisa’s father who was a member of the board and major shareholder in Edgewood put his daughter in Edgewood as Chief Operating Officer. I also knew a lot of people kicked against Jeremiah offering me the position of Head of Legal Affairs since I was the only one he could trust.


Chief Momoh and Gregory’s father had close ties. What I just wasn’t sure was if Chief Momoh and Pentagon House were scheming to acquire Edgewood. I knew it was for ‘security’ that Jeremiah was getting married to Lisa who was cheating on him with his cousin, but of course, he obviously didn’t know that yet, or did he?


Who were the snitches in Edgewood?


Pentagon House was determined to see Edgewood go down. Chief Momoh was in-between, yet he owned major shares in both companies. He, Gregory and Jeremiah’s father were all quite close before the latter two broke into a war. Which begs the question, who had Chief Momoh’s allegiance more now that both men were dead, and one’s son was getting married to his daughter? You would think Edgewood has his heart, but I wasn’t particularly sure.


In the middle of my thoughts, Taira, my secretary walked into my office smiling. I wished I could be that cheerful all the time. She was an amazing young lady; very efficient too.


“Miss Meyer, Mr. Young’s secretary called. He wants to have a meeting with you in his office at 3pm today,” she said and at the same time dropping some documents on the table for me. Just when I thought I was working hard, I realized that with Taira’s numerous documents, I was nowhere near finished.


“Is he back?” I asked, surprised. I thought he was supposed to be away the rest of the week.


“Yes, he called in from the airport; he is on his way back to the office” she responded.


He was coming straight from the airport to the office to have a meeting? You would think the groom-to-be would want some rest. I rolled my eyes.


“Okay, thank you.” I replied and watched my secretary walk away from my desk and towards the door.


To work on more documents, I suppose.


“Taira” I called. She turned.


“No more work comes to my desk for the rest of today. I beg you in God’s name” I said.


She smiled, nodded and said, “Yes ma, I promise.”


With that she walked away. I was fond of her. She was so young and full of life. When I was her age, I was madly in love with Gregory. Naive, madly in love and oblivious to the word ‘complicated.’


What could be so urgent that Jeremiah had to come straight from the airport to discuss with me?


I was still wondering when my mobile phone rang. The number was unfamiliar. I picked, however.


“Good Morning, Ms. Isabella Meyer. My name is Danielle Mbaka. I work for Pentagon House Technologies as the Director of Human Resources.” The caller paused, seeming to wait for my response.


Now, I knew why she chose to call my mobile line instead of the office line. Maybe word got to Pentagon House that the calls placed to us from them were tapped. What could the Head of Human Resources of Pentagon House be calling me for, by the way?


“Okay, how may I help you please?” I responded, equally formal.


“Mr. Gregory Banwo recommended you. We are currently in need of a Legal Director and we have been looking at your profile. We think highly of you and we would want you to come and work for us. We understand you are with Edgewood Technologies at the moment. However, we are willing to pay twice as much what Edgewood is paying you as well as offer twice of all the benefits you enjoy at Edgewood presently. Now, our offer comes with a lot of perks that I can’t begin to discuss with you over the phone, that’s why I would like to invite you over for a chat.” She paused. I said nothing. She continued.


“We know this is sudden, however, we want you to consider this thoroughly. You can reach me on this number. Please place a call to me if you want further information or if you decide to accept our invitation.”


Still, I said nothing.


“Ms. Meyer… Are you there please?” She said from the other end.


“Yes, I am here” I responded.


“Do you want to respond to all I have said?” She said calmly.


Did I have anything to say? Damn! I did.


What in heaven’s name was Gregory thinking?


Written By:

Oluwatoyosi Adesuyi


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