Relationship commitment

Relationship commitment

Commitment in a relationship is the protection of each others: (i) interest (ii) values (iii) goals/ vision (iv) ideas. It is highly important to consciously protect what makes up your partner’s life.

No one buys trust but it could be earned, not on a platter of gold but on a platter of commitment!  Your consent to be in a relationship is a level of commitment, your conscious strive to stay and positively defend the cause of the relationship is a higher level, which must be constantly sustained in the midst of disagreements and misconceptions. The “earned” trust can successfully sustain a relationship regardless of time and distance but whenever |”earned|” trust is betrayed, the relationship can survive as far as a raw egg smashed against a wall.

Also worthy of note is mutual respect. As much as you might want to vent your anger either in public or in private on your significant other, ability to curb your anger and respect each other’s feeling is part of commitment.  Hard and harsh tones, abusive languages and vulgar words must be slain on the table of commitment to pave way for mutual respect.

The peak of commitment is sacrifice in a relationship. That is the ability to let go and the conscious will to make the satisfaction of the other person your goal. When two people are on the lookout for each other’s satisfaction rather than focusing on what to gain, you never can tell the extent of their bond.  The great advantage of this, no one’s need is left unattended to and they are both happy.

In conclusion, a relationship you will not be committed to is a journey you should not start at all. Staying in a relationship without being commitment is sheer waste of time.

When you commit yourself to a relationship, it will work, even more than you can imagine. Be committed!

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