It is official! The marriage is dissolved. The tie has been severed and the once professed “loving till death do us part” may, if care is not taken became “loathing till death do us part”.

You wonder why in spite of the bickering and bitterness, arguments and accusations, you still feel a sense of loss and deep failure at the dissolution. You may not believe it, but you may be feeling like a priced possession was forcefully taken off you or on the other hand, a deserving offender was prematurely rescued from your punishment.

What cannot be denied is the grief that accompanies a divorce.  It can be almost as crippling as the grief that accompanies the death of a loved one.
It is okay to grieve….not the loss of a life but of a future together and of dreams that will never come true….. It is however also the time to take stock.

How did you get here?  How did you contribute to the mess at hand and what would you do better if given the chance?

You need to ask these questions just so you can learn from the past and be free to open a truly fresh chapter that may just usher you into a lifetime of bliss.

These questions help you redefine yourself and may just open you up totally to a new chapter.

You also needed to ask yourself if there are support groups or platforms that you can take advantage of. This support may be from family and friends or organisations that are Faith based. Don’t discountenance the fact that you are going to need help in some way or the other. Do you need to move house so as to be within close proximity to your support structure?

There are so many decisions you need to make and I urge to be strong, there is still a life after divorce!

Bisi Adebayo