Be the Best Partner You Can Be

Best Partner

Does your partner feel like the most important person in your life?  Does your partner know how much you love them?  Are you doing everything you can to show these things to your partner?  If not, you can change things starting today.  You don’t have to wait for a certain moment, hour or day.  Just make a few small changes in how you communicate with your partner and your partner will know just how important they are.


In order to be a better partner you have to make a conscious effort to make them feel loved and special.  It’s not that hard and it’s just the simple things that make your partner swoon and love you even more.


Start by making the effort to simply tell your partner that you appreciate them.  Everyone wants to feel like they are appreciated and your partner is no different. If they take out the trash when it gets full, tell them you appreciate it.  Leave a little note of thanks when your partner does something, no matter how small the task was.  If your partner is a good lover, for goodness sake, tell them you appreciate it.  Again, it’s just the simple things.


Show your partner that you always have their back.  In life, sometimes there are things that come up where your partner feels completely alone and defeated.  When that happen let them know you are on their side and you have their back.  Tell them they did the right thing or handled the situation the best they could.  Knowing you are on their side can make a huge difference in their life and yours too when it comes time for their support.


Another way to be a better partner is to listen when they talk.  And that means to really listen when your partner talks.  Make sure you understand their concerns and offer advice only if it’s requested.  Sometimes being able to vent to someone we love is enough for us to feel better.  Work to be a good listener if it is something you aren’t used to doing.


Enjoying your partner lets them know you care about them too.  Have a good time together whenever you can.  The more fun you have together the closer your bond will become.  Find something that you both like to do and do it often.  It will make you both feel happier as a couple and create a bond that isn’t easily broken.


Always put your partner first and work to keep them happy and I can promise you that your partner will begin to do the same thing.  Work on the bonds that hold you together and enjoy each other every single day.  Your relationship will stand the test of time when you appreciate the other person.


To your marital wellness…