Keep Your Relationship Alive

Relationship Alive

Our lives are busy. We have work, kids and hobbies that keep us busy.  However, the most important thing that we need to hold on to our sanity is our relationship with our partner.


Every relationship is different, but in order for any relationship to survive and not become a statistic we have to work hard to keep that relationship alive.  Are you doing things every day that will help keep your relationship alive and well?  If not, you should be.


Try some of these tips to help you and your partner on the same page and keep your relationship alive!


Tell your partner how you feel about them. Yes, showing your partner that you love and care about them is vital, but so is saying it out loud.  Have you ever had a day that was just so bad you needed to hear just one person say that you are loved?  That you are cared about?  And that you are important to them?  Other people need to hear those things too, so just say them!


Hang out with other couples that have healthy relationships.  Being around other couples who enjoy the same things you do can help boost your belief in commitment.  It will allow you to see that there are happy couples out there and that you can continue to be one of those couples.  If you have shared interest with other couples it’s important to spend quality time with them.  Both relationships will get a boost!


Let your partner know that you are glad to see them.  When you or your partner come home each day, do you simply say, “Hello” and let it go at that?  Or do you put some effort into actually greeting them and telling them you are glad they are home?  Let them know that you are glad they are home by giving them a quick kiss and actually saying to them, “Hey, I’m glad you’re home.  How was your day?”  It can work wonders in keeping you connected.


Surprise your partner.  Every once in a while surprise your partner with a “gift”.  It doesn’t have to be anything that costs money.  It can be as simple as flirting with and seducing them while they are washing dishes or as complex as planning a weekend getaway.  Be waiting for them when they get out of the shower or tub.  Give a coupon for something they love you to do for them, a back rub, full body massage, pedicure, great sex, anything.  It doesn’t matter what the “gift” is, just do it.


No matter how busy life gets, work each day to make your relationship more alive and the benefits you will reap are endless.


To your marital wellness….