What Do Men Really Want in a Relationship?

Yeah, it’s hard to figure out what your man wants out of the relationship you are in. Men and women are completely different when it comes to what they want and need in their relationships.

Below are a few things that men have specifically said they wanted when it comes to their relationship.

  1. To be your champion – Your man wants to know that you love him no matter what and that he is your knight in shining armor. Whenever he helps around the house, example: he unclogs that sink, does the dishes, or changes a bulb, let him know that he is your hero, appreciate him.
  2. For you to be your own person – It’s great to be a couple, but a man wants to know that you are confident enough in yourself that you don’t have to do every single thing together all the time. Continue with your girl’s nights out and have a great time. You can both do your own thing and then meet in the middle to have the awesome relationship that you both deserve. Don’t be so clingy and so needy!
  3. Accepting them as they are – Some men are handy with a hammer. Some men are not. If your man is one who isn’t then don’t hold it against him. Just accept it and go on. Hire someone to put those pictures up for you or do it yourself. Every man wants to know that you love him in spite of and because of the way he is.
  4. For you to initiate sex sometimes – Men want a woman who is strong enough to initiate sex when you want it. Chances are they will want it too. Let him know before bed that you are interested and then when you get into bed show him who is the boss for the night. Initiate and take charge once you are in bed and he’ll love you even more than he does already.
  5. Security in the relationship – Men need to feel secure just as women do and it’s important that he feel that he is always safe in the relationship no matter what. He needs to know that you won’t leave him and that you trust him. Let him have his guy’s night out and don’t text or call him every hour. You wouldn’t want him to do that to you, so don’t do it to him.
  6. Unconditional love – Your man needs to know that no matter where he is in his life, financially, career, everything that you are going to love him no matter what happens. He needs to understand that you support him with your love and that times will sometimes be tough, but you all are a team and you love him regardless.

Enjoy the life you have created together and your relationship will be a strong one that only continues to get stronger as the years go on.