Are you an absentee parent?

absentee parent

Children are gifts from God.

I remember growing up as a child, my father was hardly around because of the nature of his job. But the few days he was around he did school runs, cooked for us, at times took us out. While taking us out he sang for us. He preferred to administer medication if any was ill.

My mum was a busy Woman running her own business, and We had people(relatives) living with us then. She made sure our breakfast was well prepared which she took as her responsibility. She made sure she got back home before we got back from School.

I remember a particular day when I was about age 7. After school, while playing with other kids in the compound, a neighbour’s teenage Son called me to follow him. Innocently, I did and he took me under the staircase. Being ignorant of what he was trying to do. Unknowingly to him,
my mum was Watching and observing; she Screamed and ran after the him, dragged me out and confronted him straightaway. It was then he confessed that he was trying to rape me.

Imagine, if she wasn’t around, I would or other child would have been raped that day.
My parents later discovered that, that same guy and other guys living with our neighbour had had sex with the girls living with us when no one is around.

Also, one faithful day my father had to rush back home from the office to pick up a document he forgot. According to him, he caught the same guy Caressing my Cousin in our living room.

My first househelp after i got married was hardWorking, nice and caring. One day she abandon my children and went to visit her boyfriend who never knew was within the vicinity. Fortunately, i got home before her. I met the kids sleeping, but this girl wasn’t anywhere to be found. She came
after an hour and claimed she went to buy something. You can imagine if there was a fire outbreak, or a stranger entered the house while she was away I don’t know if my parents discussed how they managed us alongside their jobs and business. But in our own case, We Communicated our areas of strength, who is good with what. And we took up our responsibilities accordingly. We made sure that irrespective of our jobs and business, our
children came first. There were times We had to shut down other activities to be there for them.

When your children finally leave the house, what will they say they got from you? Will they boastfully say my mum or dad is my role model? Will they miss your food, songs or words of encouragement and scolding?

I thought my dad and mum were talking too much, I thought they were reacting to the extreme. I began to appreciate them when I gained admission into the university. Business Wise, I appreciate my dad. As a virtuous Woman, kudos to my precious jewel mama. She thought
me to be the woman I am today.

If you asked my children who are their role models today; they will tell you my dad and mum comes first before any other person. Imagine if their father never impacted something into them the few years he had to live with them? What would have been their testimonies about him?

Would they have been living in anger or bitterness? One of my sons said “Indeed my father was a good and Caring man, I admire him, loved his heart of humility, always advising us. He had hope in us” Hmm not to be too emotional here. That was true One of the causes ofteenage sexual activities is because they desire the love they never got from their parents. Thereby they start looking for it in the Wrong ways and from Wrong places. challenge parents today, irrespective of our jobs and businesses, irrespective of how much we have; let’s pay more attention to our kids. Give them the care and love they deserve. Buying them the most expensive things when you are not always there doesn’t show you care. Even if you can’t afford all they desire it doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Show them the love and care they deserve, They are gifts to us. God bless you!

Josephine Akenuwa