Honey, Are you sure God told you so???

Trust and open communication are very important requirements in marriage,

How will you react if your spouse comes home one day to tell you that the Lord had asked him to give up a building you both had struggled for years to erect or maybe the only family car? Or putting ourselves in the position of Sarah, what would your response be if your husband walked up to you one day to declare that the Lord had asked him to slaughter your only child?

Although the bible is silent on this, Abraham might have told Sarah about God’s instruction, and she might have complied because she trusted that Abraham wasn’t just hearing voices, and God was indeed able to raise up Isaac

Sarah had an excellent track record of submitting to her husband’s leading. When God asked Abraham to leave his father’s house to a place that He would show him, Sarah without hesitation believed him, and went on the adventurous and uncertain journey without fuss (Gen. 12:1-5)

When Abraham asked her to agree to the lie that she was his sister, (which was technically true, she actually being his father’s daughter). Sarah listened and obeyed him (Gen. 20:1-4).

This is not to say that she was completely dumb in the affairs of her marriage. It’s on record that Sarah was the initiator of the affair between Abraham and her maid to birth a son- Ishmael (Gen. 16:1). She also asked Abraham to send his son and the maid away and he agreed to her request (Gen. 21:9-14). So, she actually had a voice and there was mutual trust and respect between the two of them.

Guys, stop keeping secrets while using Abraham not telling Sarah about the intended sacrifice of Isaac as excuse! The bible never said so!

Samson’s parents provides another example on communication of revelation between a couples. Jug 13: 3-14

  1. Samson’s mother gets a revelation. She didn’t keep it to herself but shared with the husband
  2. The husband didn’t argue but asked God to come and confirm it to both of them
  3. God answers and gave them a joint revelation and experience

The question is why would you doubt your spouse if he or she says ‘God is telling me/us to do this or that’

Here are some likely reasons

  1. You know that he/she isn’t really walking with the Lord. Remember, people always trust those they believe have close relationship with God. That is why ‘men of God’ commands much respect, even the fake ones!
  2. Insecurity on your own part. Have you ever wondered why Isaac allowed himself to be placed on the sacrifice table? He trusted his father and also his father’s God! Abraham had told him God would provide. So, if you know your life is secured in God, you won’t be afraid to obey God’s instruction even if it sounds crazy.
  3. Can you also hear God by yourself? If your spouse says God said, you too can ask God for confirmation, just like Samson’s father did.

I know you may say, what if God didn’t confirm it to me? Then I will ask you what did He say to you?

Without communication and trust, marriage is nothing. In the context of this discussion, open communication would mean informing your spouse of God’s command/instruction, while trust will be accepting that God actually gave the instruction.

Would we make mistakes? Yes! We can make mistakes but our error margin will be slim. The closer you walk with God, the clearer you hear his voice.

So our prayers should be
1. Lord help me to deepen my relationship with you
2. Lord help me to hear you clearly
3. Help me not to lead my family astray
4. Help my communication with my spouse to be as close and intimate as it should be, naked and not ashamed.

Pls take time out to pray about these things even if it is for 15mins.

May the Lord help us all!