Why does she always say NO?

Some husbands wonder why their wives turn down their sexual advances. There are various reasons for this.

  1. Tiredness or ill health: sometimes the woman is just tired, both in her body and in her mind. If this is not a usually occurrence, the man will surely know she is not playing games. He will be sympathetic; and it can be rescheduled. The woman can say something like, “can we have it tomorrow morning” or “just allow me rest for 1 hour”. Say it with care and love. However, if you don’t have a life threatening sickness, allowing him Two (2) minutes to ejaculate won’t kill. You can also do a “quickie” if you are very tired. Let him penetrative from behind while both of you are lying down .He gets to do all the work that way
  2. The woman may turn sex down if she isn’t enjoying it. Everyone runs away from pain, if the man doesn’t have skills, everything is boring, it can turn the wife off. Some don’t even know how to kiss nor do fore play. Some women feel they are just been pounded everyday. Please if your wife doesn’t tell you “thank you” sometimes after sex, know that you probably ain’t striking the right chord.

When a woman enjoys sex, she will ask for it. So men, try to ask about your performance and don’t be offended if she gives you your score. It isn’t because she is comparing you with an ex or because she is cutting shows outside. She may not know exactly what good sex is like but she will know if she is getting a bad one.

During intercourse, woman you need to talk sometimes. Not that you just talk any how; that can be a turn off. Learn to say things like “that is good”, “too painful”, “harder”, “gently”, “here” etc. Don’t just be there like someone under a spell. Don’t ‘lie-in-state’! Guide him so he can do a good job

  1. Another reason may be because of the time of the month. There are some times her testosterone level is low and interest is low. She may not be excited about it, but I always advice that even if you don’t feel like it by the time you put your mind to it, the interest may finally come.

Ladies, know that you won’t enjoy sex every time and it is okay. You have sex sometimes as an act of service to your spouse. He wants you, you give him yourself. You don’t have to always get something out. The fact that he is satisfied should be enough satisfaction for you too.

  1. Some women are suffering from so much hurt that their libido has disappeared. They are so unhappy in the marriage, they are always angry with their husbands. Please if you are a woman in that situation, ask God to help your heart. He can heal you and you can start to feel something for your husband again. You have a right to be happy, make marital happiness happen, forgive your husband.
  2. If she feels used: husband pls learn to show love and kindness to your wife. Don’t only remember she exist when you want sex. She isn’t a sex object! Be genuinely interested in her well being. Make her feel appreciated. She she feels loved, then it is easier for her to say yes to you.

Pls note that sex film isn’t a good way to learn about sex. Those people are Actors and Actresses, and are only acting out a scrip. More ore so, you don’t want to contribute to the expansion of that industry; It is against God’s word. There are books we can learn from, they will sketch out sex positions for u. Just make sure you are not watching real humans acting it out; it is wrong.

Openness and communication are keys for successful marital life; learn to talk about your sex life. Don’t pretend as if it doesnt matter, when it actually mean a lot to you.

Couples are encouraged to have sex as many times as possible as long as it is comfortable for both of them.

To your marital success……